Phase angle in chest and abdominal belt bands

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Phase angle in chest and abdominal belt bands

Post by jsayas » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:16 pm

In respiratory research (and in sleep medicine) the use of thoracic and abdominal belts to measure respiratory movements is a common tool to assess rib cage and abdominal coordination.
One way to calculate this coordination is using a phase angle, as described here: ... 0/abstract
See the attached picture.
I have search the forums to find a way to calculate it, as described here viewtopic.php?t=18 but it only applies to sinusoidal waves.
I have attached the paper were it is described how to calculate it "Phase angle is thus calculated according to the equation: sinu¼m=s
where m is the line parallel to the abscissa on the RC-ABD plot at one-half the distance between the maximal RC perpendicular
intercept and the origin, and s is the length of a line from the maximal ABD perpendicular intercept minus the origin(Fig.1).
I have notfind the way to use a syntax code for this calculation.
Would you please help me with this issue?
I have post a small sample of a aditch record with both thoracic and abdominal belt bands, with clear phase opposition, in order to see how it could work
Many Thanks in advance
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Re: Phase angle in chest and abdominal belt bands

Post by aheinrich » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:46 pm

Hi there,

Thank you for your data file and included information! Unfortunately I cannot help as this is not a software issue. I would advice contacting your local ADInstruments support representative for further assistance:

Amy Heinrich
Software Engineer, ADInstruments, New Zealand