Problems with SETUP + IR plethysmography

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Problems with SETUP + IR plethysmography

Post by sebdef » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:31 am


I am new to this forum and also not quite yet used to the equipment of AD instruments (we just purchased the setup in our hospital).
Basically we have a setup with a Powerlab 4/35 + Bioamp (ECG) + 2x BP amp voor pressures + IR PPG.

I have run into a few problems:

1/ I can't seem to get the IR Photoplethysmography meter up and running.
I've directly inserted it into station 3 of the Powerlab so it is recognized.
(station 1 contains BP amp)
(station 2 contains Bio amp)

Then I click on station 3, input amplifier, set range until about 2 V / low pass of/ single-ended on/ AC coupled OFF/ Mains filter OFF/ Invert OFF.

Then I click OK, i'm back on the main screen and furtheron click on continuous auto-scale.
By this way I can see curve but it is fluctuating quite heavily (I mean the baseline itself).

When I click on start and try to register and export the readings, it gives me a text file with the pressures of station 1, 2 <--> but 3 is ignored.....

I don't know if I am doing anything wrong?
Shouldn't there be a light in the IR PPG instrument? I don't see a red or green light within the PPGmeter

2/ We would like to synchronize measurements with ultrasound images.
Does anyone know a way how to do this?
We ourselves thought to connect the audio jack from the ECG-channel of the ultrasound system and connect it towards another input of the powerlab using a specified cable from AD instruments (not yet tested though).
Is there any other way to synchronize ultrasound images (philips epiq echocardiography system) with powerlab?

3/ When we register pressures it creates a table.
- when this is a long registration it gives an error message in both excell and microsoft access
- column one = time = a problem. Basically we would like to see it starting at time 0.0000 and adding up 0.001 second each time

So basically we hit export as text and that works without error messages
Columns time: on
always second: on
date: off
comments: on
event markers: on
out of range data: output NAN for values
ignore regional settings: on

Event markers and comments are nowhere in text file/not in excel file/not in acces file?


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Re: Problems with SETUP + IR plethysmography

Post by aheinrich » Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:14 am

Hi there,

I can provide assistance based on your third question as it relates to the software. I would recommend contacting your local ADInstruments representative for support on this query, which can be found here:

Event markers and comments should appear in the corresponding files. How are you exporting these files, and would it be possible to private message me these corresponding files?

Amy Heinrich
Software Engineer, ADInstruments, New Zealand